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For few days it was pouring rain. It rained all day and it cleared at night so it was on the cool side. Then finally the rain stopped and the… read more

Exit Ecuador

A ‘rainy season’ usually brings ummm… rain. Except for Ecuador in 2016, that is. The 2016 ‘rainy season’ has so far not really materialised in these parts and it’s been… read more

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Fischen am Strand

In einem kleinen Fischerdorf, kurz nach der Grenze, verbrachten wir unsere erste Nacht im Oman. Kaum angekommen waren wir Zeuge des Fischverkaufes. Noch etwas unsicher, wie frau sich verhalten sollte,…

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Other Overlanding Posts (Preparation, Information & Uncategorized)

Colombia extended

On August 29th we entered Colombia and we intended to stay a month, maybe two. Today we extended our tourist visas in Medellin. How ’bout that? The process went fairly…